Short Film (2018)


The difference between living beings and nonliving is clear to everyone. However, how this distinction
between organic and inorganic occurs is still a mystery. “All life forms are composed of molecules that are not
themselves alive”, writes the physicist Steen Rasmussen in an article on Science. This statement is as obvious
as difficult to acknowledge. That life emerges from non-living matter and is simply the result of a specific
disposition of nonliving molecules is still both psychologically and culturally hard to accept. The fact that there
is no ontological difference between us, living beings, and the rest of the matter that constitutes the universe
undermines in fact all our pretensions to occupy a privileged position in the cosmos. To investigate this point
of indistinction is necessary in order to comprehend who or what we are, as well as to reposition ourselves
more organically in the cosmos. This point of indistinction between living and nonliving, which is prior to
their separation, is what the theorists of the Cybernetic Culture Research Unit (CCRU) call the “unlife”. The
unlife is therefore a field of potentialities and virtual entities, where all the elements of nature coexist, and life
is yet to emerge.

Felice Moramarco


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